Darryl Rice

My first memory of drawing was when I was three. I remember sitting at the kitchen table by myself in the middle of the night and my mom walking in. She informed me I needed to be in bed. From then on I do not remember a time when I wasn’t drawing. When I was nineteen I was enrolled at Ohio Visual Art Institute in Cincinnati Ohio. I spend two years there. At this time I was working in oil, watercolor, acrylic, and pen and ink. I even taught some classes at my local art community in Greensburg, Indiana. I was making some money painting signs and doing photography. My skill in photography came from photographing scenes I wanted to work from for paintings. Someone saw my photos and offered me a job working for Photo Corporation of America in Indianapolis. I worked there for a few years and started my own company. From this I started in a career of sales always working on art projects on the side.
About seven years ago I did my first drawing of a landscape scene using words and names, and have continued. I have been commissioned to draw churches, automobiles, businesses, homes, and portraits using names and words. I have had a very nice career the last thirty five years in sales. The last eight years I have worked designing logos and layouts for signs, and sales, for Hutchison Sign Company. This along with my Art My Name business has been very rewarding.