Galina Alkhutova

I was born in Siberia and I moved to the United States from Crimea, Ukraine with my family in the mid 90’s.

I came from an artistic family and I was always interested in the arts. I drew and painted all my life but it was not serious and I believed only if I had the formal art education I could paint on a professional level. I graduated with a Master degree in Physics. In US I pursued a career in computer programming, but continued to hang onto my dreams of painting.

In 2010, my friend invited me to a painting party where I painted with acrylic paint for the first time and I loved it! The very next day , feeling exited, I went out and purchased paints, brushes, canvases and educational artist’s books. From that time I have been painting almost everyday.
I have taken art classes in Indianapolis Art Center and private lessons from internationally known artists and also been using books and online courses to educate myself about abstract painting.

After retiring in August 2015 from my full time job as a web developer, I have devoted all of my time to my passion for painting. I am using in my work fluid acrylics, pallet knife, different mediums and textures. I have developed various unique techniques to incorporate texture into my paintings using organic materials.

From 2012 my paintings were selected for several exhibitions and I participated in many juried art festivals.
Also, I like to teach my techniques to a variety of audiences.