Joy Tilson Cobb

While growing up, most of my time and formal training went to music – voice, piano, harp, and more. But I’ve also always enjoyed using my creativity in artistic endeavors including faux finishing, watercolor, needle and wet felting, and interior design.

A few years ago, I discovered Acrylic Pouring, or Fluid Art and it’s been my happy obsession ever since! By adding various mediums to acrylic paint, it becomes more fluid, and then the colors can be manipulated by tilting the canvas. As I like to say, “No paint brushes are harmed in the making of these paintings”, but I have incorporated other methods of manipulation, including the use of palette knives and air compressor, blowing through straws, and even pressing on the paint with a balloon.

I enjoy trying new things to keep the results exciting and the unpredictability of the paint makes every piece truly a one of a kind!