Katherine Fehn

 Art has always been a part of my life, but up until recently, it’s taken a backseat to other priorities, mainly raising my family. Now, with my children old enough & out goal-chasing themselves, I decided it was time to reclaim my role as an artist and go for it! In 2018, I began carving time out for my passion and painting full time. 

My work focus’ mainly on abstract pieces. I’m inspired by the sea & sky, by shapes & colors.  As a recovering perfectionist, I love the idea of the imperfection found in manipulating colors by pushing paint around on a canvas. Rarely do I go into a painting with a set objective. I may have an idea or a palette in mind, but the outcome is always a surprise to me. 

While abstract work is where I find a lot of delight, there are occasions when I also enjoy representing images as they really are and playing around with realism. Perhaps some of that will find it’s way into the gallery as well.

Ultimately, I want my paintings to strike a chord inside the viewer. I’ve hit that goal when something I’ve painted, a stroke of paint or a color combination, catches the right person’s eye & they connect with it.

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