Lisa VanMeter

My artwork is focused on the nature that surrounds us. In the winter, its snow covered trees and far away farms. In summer, it’s the blooming flowers from the garden or children swimming at the lake. My passion is relief printmaking. My process is the color reduction method. One block of linoleum or wood is carved and inked many times, over a series of weeks, to achieve the final images. Once the process is over, the small edition cannot be remade, as the block is fully carved out. There is no greater joy in my work than inking and pulling the final color. With Mother Nature as my muse, color is the thread that connects all of my work. Cool blues and greens for my seascapes, and vibrant chartreuse and corals for my blooms. Each piece deserves a unique and thoughtful palette.

Recent work has been shown at: The Hoosier Salon Annual Exhibit: winner for Best Traditional Landscape and Outstanding Print Member: INA, Hoosier Salon, 67th Street Printmakers Director: The 67th Street Printmakers