Megan Winn

A lifelong lover of reading and keeping a journal, bookbinding was a natural fit for┬áme. In high school, I was drawn to artists’ books and mixed media and continued that love and exploration into college. While in school, I studied a variety of mediums but never quite found my niche. That all changed the day that an acquaintance offered to teach some friends and me how to make a journal using a historical binding technique. After making my own journal at that impromptu workshop, I knew that I had found my artistic home. I have been making books ever since.

In 2007, I graduated from Anderson University with a B.A. in Studio and Fine Art and started Binding Bee in 2008. Shortly afterward, I had the privilege of studying under master bookbinder to finesse my craft and expand my skill set.

A lot of the inspiration for my work comes from the materials I use: I love the tactile nature of bookbinding and the way the leather and paper feel. I use mostly
reclaimed and remnant leather, also known as ‘job lot’ leather, left over from larger companies, and include a variety of papers in my books. I have an affinity for finding unique closures to add to each piece and am always working on new designs.

I currently live in Indianapolis with my husband and daughter. I’m also a proud member of Indiana Artisan. Along with exhibiting at CCA and traveling to Fine Art shows around the Midwest, I also teach bookbinding classes for kids and adults and welcome custom orders and commissioned projects.


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