Simona Buna

   I was creative all my life; I was pretty good at drawing. I remember one time in 6 grade my teacher set me in the last row of benches because of my handbook, she was having an inspection and she knew that inspector was looking thru some of the students’ handbooks. I had the best drawings.
I grew up in Romania, my father painted a few canvases as a hobby only to have something to hang on our walls. He took his time to paint them so I learned how to prepare a canvas, with zinc white and bones gelatin. He didn’t teach me how to paint I was only looking at how the colors started to get busy on the cloth. One day I found an empty canvas and I painted a vase with tulips. I remember his face when he saw it, he was smiling but he didn’t say anything. He never encouraged me to pursue art. Romania was under the communist regime, it was impossible to make a living from art.
I stopped drawing and years passed, my art was resumed at making some clothes for me only to look different than any other people and not have to wear that poor taste clothes we found in the stores that times.
In 2013 moved to the USA with my husband and my son. I discovered Hobby Lobby and I bought my first box with oil colors and one bottle with linseed oil. I kept that color box unopened until Spring of 2018 when I started my second oil painting.

I love to paint nature and flowers, abstracts and impressionism landscapes and cityscapes. I love the artwork of the  Russian artists Igor Saharov and Oleg Buiko and I admire the work of many other European and American artists.