CCA Gallery History

Rendering of the Broadripple Gallery by Elaine Wolfe

A plaque now hangs in CCA gallery commemorating Elizabeth Schneider, one of the founding members of Center for Creative Arts Gallery

The Center for Creative Arts (CCA) Gallery was started in 1978 by a group of artists from the Art League who wanted to exhibit, promote and sell their work as a group. In the beginning, a cooperative system was implemented which only included professional artists and instructors. Before long, artists from around the state were wanting to join and so the membership criteria was widened to include those artists as well.

The four original founding members were Liz Schnieder, Jean Uversaw, Ann Kane and Tom Thomas. Mr. Thomas is credited with being the first charter member who secured a gallery in which to rent space.

One other key member who is responsible for putting together the organization was Elizabeth Schnieder who now has a plaque installed in the gallery to honor her memory. She not only was a gifted artist but also saw the importance of representing talented artists from the area in a gallery that offered a mix of styles to patrons.

CCA was located at 6419 Ferguson in Broad Ripple, on the north side of the canal in an old renovated house which also housed the Noel Gallery.  They moved to 6263 Carrollton Avenue which was slightly larger. The group kept this location for 17 years until 2002. In June of 2002, the gallery moved from Broad Ripple to the historic village of Zionsville and the following year CCA celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary as Indiana’s oldest cooperative gallery.

After thirteen successful years in Zionsville, the Center for Creative Arts moved from Zionsville to its new home in the Arts and Design District of Carmel, Indiana.

CCA has expanded to include approximately 30 members who produce a wonderful paintings; photography; works of glass, metal, and wood; jewelry; pottery; and even beautiful gourd art! This has been a boon to the organization and continues to attract additional art collectors and buyers, as well as many seeking gifts and keepsakes crafted and created by the talented artists of CCA.